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Coffee Blog: Respecting Your Elders

I hope your coffee is hot becuase my blood is boiling right now… My featured image sums up how I feel at this moment…

When my grandparents retired they made the executive choice of hiring a contractor to build them a cozy bungalow in Brighton, Ontario.
From reading posts previous to this one, you know my grandparents play a large part in my life and are also the sweetest human beings that I could have ever been faced to. Polite, caring, genuine, supportive and so much more.

Lately I found out that their new neighbours, in this beautiful, quiet little neighbourhood, have bad mannered and disrespectful kids.
Now, not all of the kids on this street are horrible [I grew up with a number of them] but these kids in particular have been harassing/bullying my grandparents.
Now before I go any further I know what you’re thinking “these kids must be bored. They live in the country.” That may be the case, but the actions these kids are taking are far beyond boredom.

Act 1:
Nicky Nicky Nine Doors has always been a thing. These kids heard about it, and yes it’s all in good fun. Take note though, leading up to my grandparents front door is a wooden wheel chair ramp and skateboards leave deep groves in wood… These kids, at 3am, would walk up to the front door ring the doorbell multiple times and then skateboard down the ramp, down the driveway and back to their homes. Harmless, good fun. Sure.
My grandmother approached the kids the following day while she was gardening and asked them not to continue with this…

Act 2:
I suppose these kids have a dog. Unless they shit in their hands and ran is across the hand rail of the wheel chair ramp…

Act 3:
They egged my grandparents house

Act 4:
My grandparents grass cutter arrived one morning to have a coffee at breakfast before he cut their lawns [my grandparents are very welcoming to people who help them] and upon his arrival he found a “stink bomb” at their front door… A paper bag filled with mustard, ketchup, mayo, relish, jam, peanut butter and god knows what else… when he picked it up it had leaked all over their door mat.

At this point my grandmother had already gone to their parents twice about their actions and said that they would deal with it, but clearly they did not. OR they did and it did not work.
Yesterday my grandparents had the police come and see what they could do about it. Over the next couple days they’re installing cameras at the front door and at the back door to see if they can get any clear footage of these scallywags. I hope they do.

It breaks my heart hearing about this nonsense happening to other peoples grandparents – but now that it’s hitting home and interfering with my grandmothers daily duties around the house, it really bothers me. It’s at the point where she’s afraid to go out and tend to her gardens, she’s afraid to walk out the front door thinking they’ll be standing there ready with some other trick up her sleeve. On Canada Day she called my dad because fire works were going off in the area and she believed that those kids were shooting them at her house…. These kids are driving my grandmother off the edge. And that breaks my heart because life should be easy for her and my grandfather. both my grandparents are in their late 80s… And this has to stop.

Meghan C


Gratitude Challenge

10. Five Things I Like About Me

I think it’s really easy to list off some things that you love about yourself… When I stop to think about these things, sometimes I get carried away and start listing traits I see in other people that I wish I possessed. However, here are my top 5:

  1. Putting others needs before mine. This is something I hold dear to my heart. I’ve always been the person to put her friends happiness before her own happiness. Seeing the people I love happy makes me happy, especially if i’m the reason for making them that way.
  2. My legs.¬†In high school I was a very active person. I took gym class, dance class and musical theatre classes all through high school and keeping up with these physical activities really got my body in a beautiful shape. When I started college all of that started to slowly drift away as I was up writing papers, editing videos and finalizing projects at 3am while munching on a bag of chips. Now that I’m in my career I started highland dancing, as you know, and my calves have never been so toned in my life… Even with all the activities i was involved in in high school ūüėČ
  3. My eyes.¬†They’re blue, like the deepest part of the sea… Well, maybe not that dark but I adore the shade of blue that they are… Thank you mom!
  4. I’m honest.¬†A lot of people tend to hide things, especially when they have faults or have made mistakes… I,on the other hand, discovered while I was an intern, that being honest is the best way to be… Don’t hide anything, don’t leave out details, don’t purposely hide details, just be honest and situations can be fixed very easily. You learn from your mistakes and if you can’t own up to them, how will you grow?
  5. My attitude.¬†I always get told that I’m a very chipper person – hence how I got the nickname – and I recognize that I am the way. I like to treat people the way I want to be treated. So if I treat you with respect, I expect to receive that in return.
  6. And just for fun… My sweater collection/addiction. I love sweaters… at any time of year. I have sweaters for -40 and +30 weather… I love them.. I love them… I LOVE THEM!

There is no feeling better than having confidence, self respect & self love
Debbie Dickerson


Until next time,
Meghan C

Gratitude Challenge

9. How Did You Do & Feel?

These past two weeks have been so lovely. I got asked by a co-worker to dog sit [as I mentioned in my last post] and I used it as an opportunity to “test drive” living with my boyfriend. Through the fun and bumps, I must admit it has made me extremely eager to move out with him to a small place of our own. Time to analyse¬†– how did I do? I think I did great. The dog and cat never seemed to be upset at all [aside from missing their owners] but all-in-all they were happy. How do feel? I feel excited to know that I enjoyed living with my boyfriend and knowing that we can grow together – December couldn’t come sooner!

First things first – her pets are ridiculous!


A large mutt [she looks like a cross between Golden Retriever¬†with German Shepard colouring] and she is the most happiest dog on the planet. She loves hamburger on top of her food each morning for breakfast. I was told she didn’t understand the word “walk” but since I’ve been with her she’s started to clue in. And when I say clue in, she really knows and flails her limbs like she’s falling from the sky. When you take her to poop, she gets a treat after every poop she does – ¬†I wish I got treats after I pooped… When she’s in IMG_20170611_135649the backyard she likes to huddle under the bush beside the back deck. The first day we were there I left a pair of my socks on one of the chairs on the back deck. I went inside while she was cooling down in the dirt and when I returned outside she had taken my socks and buried them in the garden…. She didn’t do a very good job of hiding them, but her intentions made me laugh really hard! Thelma also thoroughly¬†enjoys to hang out in the basements laundry room. Down there is where my co-worker’s boyfriend’s guitar is and there’s a groovy red carpet down there she seems to enjoy sleeping on.


IMG_20170612_194240He’s the king of the cats in the neighbourhood [so Anna, the neighbour, tells me]. He is an outdoor tabby that loves to hang around the streets and cause a ruckus with his buddies. He’s not home very often but when he is he is either a) lounging on the front step in the sun b) has forgotten where his cat window is and his howling to be let in c) is inside and announcing every move he makes and d) forgets where his food dishes are so you have to show him. Every evening around 9:30 pm this chatterbox is waiting at the front door waiting to be let in, just to prance around the house for a short period of time and then heads out of his cat window to explore the night.

Overall my experience has been wonderful. I cooked for myself an actual meal – on my own may I add – which I’ve never really done before unless it was pre-made and just needed heating up. The best part was getting to know my boyfriend a little bit more than I already did. You really learn about people when you live with them. We worked out some concerns we had, which was nice. It’s really prepared us for what it’s going to be like when we finally move in together.

I’m sad to say goodbye to my furry friends, but I’m sure this won’t be the last I see of the darlings!


Until next week,

Meghan C

Gratitude Challenge

8. Express Gratitude to 3 People

First off, let me express how much fun I’m having this week. A co-worker of mine has gone on vacation to Portugal for two weeks[that lucky girl!] and asked me to dog-sit for her.

  • Perk 1: Her home is a 20-minute walk to my work.
  • Perk 2: my boyfriend gets to keep my company.
  • Perk 3: Her dog is the happiest dog I’ve ever met
  • Perk 4: It’s close to all the finest coffee shops in Toronto
  • Perk 5: Her cat is the Alpha cat of the neighbourhood and he is the funniest cat ever

Claire – you are the first person I’m showing gratitude to because I’m so grateful for the opportunity you’ve given me.

The second person I want to express gratitude to is my old boss. She was tough but taught me so much. She took me under her wing when I was looking for an internship for school. After I graduated she hired me back to work full-time in the marketing department and now I am part of the radio marketing and promotions team. She ended up carrying on to a different job, but I now report directly to the Vice-President of Promotions for both stations. And he is so¬†easy going, which makes me want to prove to him that he doesn’t need to be on my ass all the time to get my work done. Lisa¬†– you are the second person I am showing gratitude to because if it wasn’t for you, I would still be working retail.

I learned at a young age that you should not have to ever be nervous unless you’ve done something wrong. People used to say “just picture everyone in their underwear.” Well that’s a little hard when you haven’t seen all your classmates in their knickers before… Or maybe just my lack of imagination. However, I was able to teach myself that when you’re prepared, you have no reason to be nervous. You’ll be speaking to people you see every day and telling them everything you learned [a lot easier than I ever imagined.] That being said when I was in grade 6 we had a project to do on Great Explorers. I had a¬†The_landing_of_Vikings_on_America.jpgfascination with Vikings at the time so I got to choose Leif Erikson. Our project was to¬†study these explorers and profile them. After doing the profile you had to dress up as that explorer and talk to the class as if you were the explorer. For ten minutes I was a male Viking who discovered North America centuries before Christopher Columbus ever did… Since presenting that project, not once have I had stage fright – it also gave me the confidence to try out acting and be part of the drama club and, in high school, musical theatre! For this, I need to thank Mrs McQuary. If it was not for that project – God knows where I’d be right now!


Stay brave my friends!


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Coffee Blog: Getting Through Anger

Grab a cup – God knows I have one…

Today I want to talk about how you deal with anger. Sometimes it’s the smallest things that tick me off; like when the coffee maker doesn’t work, or when the dog keeps barking at things but you don’t know what it wants, or when you think you fixed your coffee maker and no coffee comes out of it…

The whole reason I’m doing this blog is that¬†I was having a wonderful day until I got home. Yes – my coffee maker is all out of whack, but I can fix it, I’m sure. However, I experienced something dumb with work that should have been made a lot more clearer – which I believe we all have gone through. I won’t go into depth on the issue, but here is how I coped.

  1. Took a deep breath – I gave myself a moment to analyze and figure out what I could do to fix the issue
  2. Pre-typed an email – I pre-typed the email with no recipients attached in case my email sounded bitchy… By not adding an email address, it gave me the freedom to type what I really thought without accidentally¬†hitting send.
  3. Turned to my vice – I’ll be the first one to hit the smoking area after being put in a stressful situation. Something about turning to that naughty, naughty vice of mine that makes me feel so good. However, don’t follow my footsteps, find your own vice.
  4. Made a coffee – Nothing soothes me more than a warm cup of coffee. I don’t care the time of day – a cup of coffee cures all!
  5. Revisit that pre-typed email РAfter I finally pulled myself together I like to revisit the email that was never sent and then reword it to make it sound professional. Usually, helps after doing number 1-4.


I hope you find some sort of help in this, if not that’s fine. One rule I won’t put in here because it’s not quite part of my routine is to type out how you feel… Sort of like this blog post. Typing out or writing out feelings works really well. Taking it one thought at a time helps you organize your brain a little better.


Anywho, until Friday!


Gratitude Challenge

7. A Friend

A friend – how do I even begin to describe her. She’s basically my sister.

Since I was in grade 5 I’ve been best friends with my pal Ciera. Growing up with her has been an honour, even though we haven’t finished growing yet [who really does?] We 1916490_182699160779_6689980_n.jpgwent to elementary school and middle school together. After grade 8 her family decided to move out east of the city and around that same time, my family did just that too. After the move, I didn’t end up going to the same high school as Ciera, but that didn’t stop us from staying in each other’s lives. I’d spend weekends over at her place hanging out with her friends, going to the mall, swimming in her pool, going to family birthday parties. Her family really greeted me as on of their own. It had been that way since we were 13. My family did the same for her.

When I first got a phone, Ciera was the first person I called. Probably went something along the lines of “HOLY SHIT, YOU’RE NOT GOING TO BELIEVE WHAT I’M CALLING YOU FROM…” … ” UH, DUH, MY NEW PHONE!” And that’s what started the late night phone calls at 11 pm¬†on a school night. The gossip sessions, 3-4-5 and sometimes a 6-way call… needless to say, my dad did not approve. Especially when I started pretending I wasn’t on my phone at 10:30 at night and would hide my phone under my pillow until he left the walkway outside my room.

Ciera has always been my go-to person. Any issue I ever encountered always ended up with a phone call to Ciera at the end of the day. She is truly one of the most genuine, kind and dedicated friends I have ever had. She’s stuck with me through thick and thin and I can not appreciate her friendship more than I do at this day in age.

As most friends do, we’ve shared our ups and downs. And as time takes its toll, of course, we grew apart. However, we have always found our way back to each other and when we’re together, it feels like no time has passed since the last time I had seen her. She knows my deepest darkest secrets and if we ever stopped being friends – she could ruin my life with all the dirty details she knows. And that’s why I love her; because I can trust her with these tales and secrets.

I got told once “if you’ve been friends longer than 10 years, that friendship will last a lifetime” and I do not doubt that for a second!

Until next time,


Gratitude Challenge

theSix. City I live In

Toronto – That’s the city I live in.


I love this city. The sites, the sounds and the people… Usually. Some people are just flat out crazy. Stay clear of these people haha.

Toronto is easy to get around for sure. I don’t care what anyone says about the TTC and complaining it makes them late for work blah, blah blah… leave earlier…. But the TTC really does make it crazy easier to make it from the east end to the west end of the city. The bus routes and drivers are a little questionable, but I won’t complain because I’ve never had to blame the TTC for being late or mistreating me. Act like a civil human being and they won’t give you a hard time haha.

The sad thing about this city this year is all the flooding. Our island is almost (vt-algonquin-island-resident-010.jpg.size.custom.crop.1086x724.jpgbasically) underwater. The people who lived on the Toronto Island were evacuated due to safety concerns of high waters… The island was always such a nice place to visit at the beginning of the summer, so I’m pretty upset I won’t be able to get there this summer until later in the season.
Each time it rained I always said “Oh, when summer comes, everything will be pleasently in bloom!” and we got that, but we also got flooding… Some luck…

13220644_1715418572061531_4340155510203539234_o.jpgThis city also has a bunch of wonderful places and events to go to. One of my favourites is Sneaky Dee’s… Infamous for the hipseter/punk/grunge/nacho crowd (boy do they make nachos). Every Friday night they put on this event called Homesick. Music from the 2004-2011 punk days get jammed through the thick air of this place. The first time I had ever gone I chipped my front tooth and fell in love with the bar ever since. Cheap beer, amazing tunes, mosh pits, and a crowd of people just like you. You can never feel like you don’t fit in – one fo the most amazing feelings in the world!

Now… I’m no sushi eater, but I do enjoy myself all you can eat because you can get UNLIMITED RAMENS!, UNLIMITED GARLIC MUSHROOMS, UNLIMITED TEMPURA, UNLIMITED MISO SOUP, UNLIMITED EVERYTHING ELSE! Which I absolutely love. I loveSushi-Legend-3-featured-image-644x415 eating ramen, I think it’s so cute. I love using chopsticks and I love going on dates to Sushi Legend with my boyfriend because we just eat so much and enjoy each others presence. I love sitting across the table from him, watching him get food in his moustache and just giggling at him while I slurp noodles. I do recommend¬†– check it out!

For my last place, I want to talk about a coffee shop. What kind of post would this be without me mentioning coffee in a city filled with cafes?
Along Kingston Road, by Birchcliff, there’s a cafe called the Birchcliff Coffee Bar. This is 20150111-590-TheBirchcliff5.jpgyour typical¬†aesthetically pleasing, white birch, cottagey feeling cafe with new mums with their newborns doing brunches with their neighbours. If you go to this bar at the right time (maybe 8:30am on a Saturday) you’ll find the older crowd. Maybe two or three people sitting in the shop, but this is when it’s most quiet and you can go in and enjoy the atmosphere.¬†Their coffee is so rich and delicious, cookies so fresh and their baristas are always so pleasent despite the fact they’re there earlier than the most of us.


For now that’s my date guide… Each one of these places I’ve gone on a date with my boyfriend to. Each date has been great too may I add. If you have any questions that I did not answer in this post, please feel free to shoot me an email. I’d love to hear from you!


Quick teaser for next week – You’ll get to know my best friend!

Until then,