Gratitude Challenge

16. Simple Things in Life

Watching a campfire crackle on a cool summer night, When the chef makes your ramen just right. The bitter sweet scent of coffee in the morning, The colour of the sky when it's a sailors warning. The smell of old books sitting on a shelf, Watching our favourite holiday movie, Elf. Picking pumpkins from a… Continue reading 16. Simple Things in Life

Gratitude Challenge

13. A Challenge You’ve Over Come

Life challenges are hard - I know that first hand... Through projects in high school, college, dance performances and even in my field of work. It's hard when you're under pressure; especially when you're brain gets scattered and you're not too sure how to resolve an issue. The funny thing about challenges I've over come… Continue reading 13. A Challenge You’ve Over Come

Gratitude Challenge

12. Favourite Personality Trait

Forgive me for being late... This past weekend was a little intense and dramatic for myself and my family. I don't want to speed into details but it was a bitter sweet weekend. My favourite personality trait - that's a tough one. Lots of people tell me that I'm genuine, sweet, trustworthy, hilarious and honest.… Continue reading 12. Favourite Personality Trait