Gratitude Challenge

15. Things I Like About Summer

Since I started this challenge later in the year, I’m going to adjust the seasonal posts to the current season – that being said, it’s summer!

Summer is the time where I find I see most of my friends. Everyone looks more alive, cheery and ready to party. I look forward to the summer months becuase that means reconnecting with old friends over beer and nachos on a patio. It means spending calm evenings by the lake at my cottage while watching the sun go down. It means family BBQ’s at my parents house. It also means that when you leave the club you won’t need to grab your coat from the coat-check and you can just stumble out of there and get your poutine fix immediately.

I always get excited during May, [although I am an autumn girl] when you start to feel the air getting a little muggy and noticing the sun staying out longer. It’s a sign that shouts “GOOD TIMES ARE COMING AND THINGS WILL FEEL BETTER!” The winter blues have gone, spring has put all the plant life in bloom and everything just feels peachy.

The last couple of years I’ve found it hard to find time off from work to go up to my cottage. What I miss the most is coming home from the beach, having a quick shower and a snack and snuggling in the sun room with a book. You’ve put on moisturizer, comfy shorts and a tank and you can still feel the sting of the sun on your skin. Your hair still smells like lake water, but boy do you feel refreshed… Next thing you know it, you’re asleep on the back couch and you’ve missed dinner haha.

That’s what I miss most. The simplicity that summer once was…

Until next time,

Meghan C


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