Gratitude Challenge

14. A Talent You Have

The ability to perform… I suppose that’s a talent.

Ever since I was young I always got a thrill from having all eyes on me. All through high school I did musical theatre and dance. After high school I studied broadcasting and film because I liked telling stories and executing them through a entertaining medium and now I highland dance – which has probably been one of the best decisions of my life.

Coming out of college and starting my career I noticed I wasn’t getting much physical activity into my weekly schedule, so I thought of something I used to love that I wanted to start again and that was dancing. This time I wanted something a little more demanding and something unique. I dug down into my heritage and decided that doing highland dancing was the dance for me – and I was not wrong!


I purchased my first kilt in February 2016 – a Muted Blue Stewart. Since then it has become my favourite tartan – but all things must come to an end and my dance teacher turned it into a mini kilt after buying my first kilt outfit last spring. There’s something about putting on the hose, vest and kilt that just makes you feel so powerful. You walk out onto your dance space at a performance and all of a sudden people just stop and stare becuase they’re in awe of the outfit and the strength it takes to do these dances.

I really want to start competing, but I see videos of all these girls who are so talented in this form of dance that I feel like I can’t even compare. Though I know you need to have a hard head about these things and go at it with all your mite – that being said either this fall or next summer is for sure when I want to start competing. That means a whole lot of hard work and concentration to look forward to this fall/winter [and no breaking an ankle like I did last year.]

Until next time,

Meghan C


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