Gratitude Challenge

13. A Challenge You’ve Over Come

Life challenges are hard – I know that first hand… Through projects in high school, college, dance performances and even in my field of work. It’s hard when you’re under pressure; especially when you’re brain gets scattered and you’re not too sure how to resolve an issue.

The funny thing about challenges I’ve over come literally happened while I was in the middle of writing this post. I write all my posts while at work when I have down time and 3 things popped up that were time sensitive and demanding.

We have a home base for our company in Collingwood and every weekend we’re part of a farmers market. With that we need to set up a canopy with our company logos on them. We’ve had this canopy for two years and just this past weekend the leg broke on it… Being the quick thinker I have trained myself to be (also the obvious actions to take) I called the canopy company and was able to order our staff up north a new canopy frame for 80% less than what we had originally paid. Best part is – it arrives this Friday (when this post is live).

Our summer event cruiser’s sponsor wasn’t quite too impressed with the photos we had sent them [he said there wasn’t enough exposure of his brand in our photos] so Thursday we’re going to do an extra event and get some wonderful photos and give them extra exposure with added value just to make up for what we had missed!

A winner had won a prize and was coming to pick it up on the same day she won – turns out we had the wrong prize in our folder and I was able to quickly get in contact with our prize supplier and get the correct tickets in our prize bin before the winner came to claim her prize!

I’m going away to a cottage this Thursday evening and having all these things line up immediately in one day is really relieving and makes me feel 100% more comfortable about going on vacation – now to do live-promotion schedules for next week and I’m pretty much done my weekly to-do list [and today is Tuesday].

Needless to say –  my morning coffee really gave me an energy booster and the drive to succeed today. Thank you coffee!

Until next time,

Meghan C


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