Gratitude Challenge

11. Someone Who Inspires You

I remember sitting at home one day and seeing an old friend post a link to her blog. For the sake of not naming names, I’m going to call her Tracy.

Here’s a little background: Tracy went to the same high school as me for my first and second year. She was a bit of an outcast, not very popular but she was great company and was always there for you when things went bad.
She wasn’t in any of my classes but she was a friend of a friend that introduced me to her. At that time, I was brand new to the area and didn’t know anyone so I couldn’t be picky with who I hung out with.

Tracy had fallen into some hardships with our mutual friend and sadly not enough people were there for her at this hard time… Which really sucks because she was always the person to run to when someone was upset. She really had a way with words and calming people down.

Anyways, over the years we used to keep in touch via Facebook & MSN and I’d see all her status updates, photos and shared memories. Seemed she was doing great. She ended up dating a friends cousin and now their married, which is what brings me to this post. Tracy had started a blog about a year ago.
She stopped blogging (these things tend to happen) but then picked it up and shared it with her friends and family on this trusted social medium.
I checked it out and her blog talked about all sorts of different things; moving, feelings, hard times in the new area she was living in, hard times with mental illnesses… And when I realized that this girl who moved schools to get away from all the bad, this girl who married the love of her life, this girl who was loving and so genuine started a blog and was able to pick it back up [and have fun doing it too] made me feel like I wanted to do that as well… Which brings me here and now.

Tracy is my inspiration becuase she got through it all. Tracy is my inspiration becuase when her and I finally have a chance to sit down, I want to be able to tell her that watching her struggle and then seeing her pick herself up off the ground inspired me to write. I think that will make her smile.

“If plan A doesn’t work, there are still 25 more letters in the alphabet”



Keep your coffee warm;

Meghan C



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