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Coffee Blog: Respecting Your Elders

I hope your coffee is hot becuase my blood is boiling right now… My featured image sums up how I feel at this moment…

When my grandparents retired they made the executive choice of hiring a contractor to build them a cozy bungalow in Brighton, Ontario.
From reading posts previous to this one, you know my grandparents play a large part in my life and are also the sweetest human beings that I could have ever been faced to. Polite, caring, genuine, supportive and so much more.

Lately I found out that their new neighbours, in this beautiful, quiet little neighbourhood, have bad mannered and disrespectful kids.
Now, not all of the kids on this street are horrible [I grew up with a number of them] but these kids in particular have been harassing/bullying my grandparents.
Now before I go any further I know what you’re thinking “these kids must be bored. They live in the country.” That may be the case, but the actions these kids are taking are far beyond boredom.

Act 1:
Nicky Nicky Nine Doors has always been a thing. These kids heard about it, and yes it’s all in good fun. Take note though, leading up to my grandparents front door is a wooden wheel chair ramp and skateboards leave deep groves in wood… These kids, at 3am, would walk up to the front door ring the doorbell multiple times and then skateboard down the ramp, down the driveway and back to their homes. Harmless, good fun. Sure.
My grandmother approached the kids the following day while she was gardening and asked them not to continue with this…

Act 2:
I suppose these kids have a dog. Unless they shit in their hands and ran is across the hand rail of the wheel chair ramp…

Act 3:
They egged my grandparents house

Act 4:
My grandparents grass cutter arrived one morning to have a coffee at breakfast before he cut their lawns [my grandparents are very welcoming to people who help them] and upon his arrival he found a “stink bomb” at their front door… A paper bag filled with mustard, ketchup, mayo, relish, jam, peanut butter and god knows what else… when he picked it up it had leaked all over their door mat.

At this point my grandmother had already gone to their parents twice about their actions and said that they would deal with it, but clearly they did not. OR they did and it did not work.
Yesterday my grandparents had the police come and see what they could do about it. Over the next couple days they’re installing cameras at the front door and at the back door to see if they can get any clear footage of these scallywags. I hope they do.

It breaks my heart hearing about this nonsense happening to other peoples grandparents – but now that it’s hitting home and interfering with my grandmothers daily duties around the house, it really bothers me. It’s at the point where she’s afraid to go out and tend to her gardens, she’s afraid to walk out the front door thinking they’ll be standing there ready with some other trick up her sleeve. On Canada Day she called my dad because fire works were going off in the area and she believed that those kids were shooting them at her house…. These kids are driving my grandmother off the edge. And that breaks my heart because life should be easy for her and my grandfather. both my grandparents are in their late 80s… And this has to stop.

Meghan C



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