Gratitude Challenge

10. Five Things I Like About Me

I think it’s really easy to list off some things that you love about yourself… When I stop to think about these things, sometimes I get carried away and start listing traits I see in other people that I wish I possessed. However, here are my top 5:

  1. Putting others needs before mine. This is something I hold dear to my heart. I’ve always been the person to put her friends happiness before her own happiness. Seeing the people I love happy makes me happy, especially if i’m the reason for making them that way.
  2. My legs. In high school I was a very active person. I took gym class, dance class and musical theatre classes all through high school and keeping up with these physical activities really got my body in a beautiful shape. When I started college all of that started to slowly drift away as I was up writing papers, editing videos and finalizing projects at 3am while munching on a bag of chips. Now that I’m in my career I started highland dancing, as you know, and my calves have never been so toned in my life… Even with all the activities i was involved in in high school 😉
  3. My eyes. They’re blue, like the deepest part of the sea… Well, maybe not that dark but I adore the shade of blue that they are… Thank you mom!
  4. I’m honest. A lot of people tend to hide things, especially when they have faults or have made mistakes… I,on the other hand, discovered while I was an intern, that being honest is the best way to be… Don’t hide anything, don’t leave out details, don’t purposely hide details, just be honest and situations can be fixed very easily. You learn from your mistakes and if you can’t own up to them, how will you grow?
  5. My attitude. I always get told that I’m a very chipper person – hence how I got the nickname – and I recognize that I am the way. I like to treat people the way I want to be treated. So if I treat you with respect, I expect to receive that in return.
  6. And just for fun… My sweater collection/addiction. I love sweaters… at any time of year. I have sweaters for -40 and +30 weather… I love them.. I love them… I LOVE THEM!

There is no feeling better than having confidence, self respect & self love
Debbie Dickerson


Until next time,
Meghan C


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