Gratitude Challenge

9. How Did You Do & Feel?

These past two weeks have been so lovely. I got asked by a co-worker to dog sit [as I mentioned in my last post] and I used it as an opportunity to “test drive” living with my boyfriend. Through the fun and bumps, I must admit it has made me extremely eager to move out with him to a small place of our own. Time to analyse – how did I do? I think I did great. The dog and cat never seemed to be upset at all [aside from missing their owners] but all-in-all they were happy. How do feel? I feel excited to know that I enjoyed living with my boyfriend and knowing that we can grow together – December couldn’t come sooner!

First things first – her pets are ridiculous!


A large mutt [she looks like a cross between Golden Retriever with German Shepard colouring] and she is the most happiest dog on the planet. She loves hamburger on top of her food each morning for breakfast. I was told she didn’t understand the word “walk” but since I’ve been with her she’s started to clue in. And when I say clue in, she really knows and flails her limbs like she’s falling from the sky. When you take her to poop, she gets a treat after every poop she does –  I wish I got treats after I pooped… When she’s in IMG_20170611_135649the backyard she likes to huddle under the bush beside the back deck. The first day we were there I left a pair of my socks on one of the chairs on the back deck. I went inside while she was cooling down in the dirt and when I returned outside she had taken my socks and buried them in the garden…. She didn’t do a very good job of hiding them, but her intentions made me laugh really hard! Thelma also thoroughly enjoys to hang out in the basements laundry room. Down there is where my co-worker’s boyfriend’s guitar is and there’s a groovy red carpet down there she seems to enjoy sleeping on.


IMG_20170612_194240He’s the king of the cats in the neighbourhood [so Anna, the neighbour, tells me]. He is an outdoor tabby that loves to hang around the streets and cause a ruckus with his buddies. He’s not home very often but when he is he is either a) lounging on the front step in the sun b) has forgotten where his cat window is and his howling to be let in c) is inside and announcing every move he makes and d) forgets where his food dishes are so you have to show him. Every evening around 9:30 pm this chatterbox is waiting at the front door waiting to be let in, just to prance around the house for a short period of time and then heads out of his cat window to explore the night.

Overall my experience has been wonderful. I cooked for myself an actual meal – on my own may I add – which I’ve never really done before unless it was pre-made and just needed heating up. The best part was getting to know my boyfriend a little bit more than I already did. You really learn about people when you live with them. We worked out some concerns we had, which was nice. It’s really prepared us for what it’s going to be like when we finally move in together.

I’m sad to say goodbye to my furry friends, but I’m sure this won’t be the last I see of the darlings!


Until next week,

Meghan C


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