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Coffee Blog: Getting Through Anger

Grab a cup – God knows I have one…

Today I want to talk about how you deal with anger. Sometimes it’s the smallest things that tick me off; like when the coffee maker doesn’t work, or when the dog keeps barking at things but you don’t know what it wants, or when you think you fixed your coffee maker and no coffee comes out of it…

The whole reason I’m doing this blog is that I was having a wonderful day until I got home. Yes – my coffee maker is all out of whack, but I can fix it, I’m sure. However, I experienced something dumb with work that should have been made a lot more clearer – which I believe we all have gone through. I won’t go into depth on the issue, but here is how I coped.

  1. Took a deep breath – I gave myself a moment to analyze and figure out what I could do to fix the issue
  2. Pre-typed an email – I pre-typed the email with no recipients attached in case my email sounded bitchy… By not adding an email address, it gave me the freedom to type what I really thought without accidentally hitting send.
  3. Turned to my vice – I’ll be the first one to hit the smoking area after being put in a stressful situation. Something about turning to that naughty, naughty vice of mine that makes me feel so good. However, don’t follow my footsteps, find your own vice.
  4. Made a coffee – Nothing soothes me more than a warm cup of coffee. I don’t care the time of day – a cup of coffee cures all!
  5. Revisit that pre-typed email – After I finally pulled myself together I like to revisit the email that was never sent and then reword it to make it sound professional. Usually, helps after doing number 1-4.


I hope you find some sort of help in this, if not that’s fine. One rule I won’t put in here because it’s not quite part of my routine is to type out how you feel… Sort of like this blog post. Typing out or writing out feelings works really well. Taking it one thought at a time helps you organize your brain a little better.


Anywho, until Friday!



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