Gratitude Challenge

7. A Friend

A friend – how do I even begin to describe her. She’s basically my sister.

Since I was in grade 5 I’ve been best friends with my pal Ciera. Growing up with her has been an honour, even though we haven’t finished growing yet [who really does?] We 1916490_182699160779_6689980_n.jpgwent to elementary school and middle school together. After grade 8 her family decided to move out east of the city and around that same time, my family did just that too. After the move, I didn’t end up going to the same high school as Ciera, but that didn’t stop us from staying in each other’s lives. I’d spend weekends over at her place hanging out with her friends, going to the mall, swimming in her pool, going to family birthday parties. Her family really greeted me as on of their own. It had been that way since we were 13. My family did the same for her.

When I first got a phone, Ciera was the first person I called. Probably went something along the lines of “HOLY SHIT, YOU’RE NOT GOING TO BELIEVE WHAT I’M CALLING YOU FROM…” … ” UH, DUH, MY NEW PHONE!” And that’s what started the late night phone calls at 11 pm on a school night. The gossip sessions, 3-4-5 and sometimes a 6-way call… needless to say, my dad did not approve. Especially when I started pretending I wasn’t on my phone at 10:30 at night and would hide my phone under my pillow until he left the walkway outside my room.

Ciera has always been my go-to person. Any issue I ever encountered always ended up with a phone call to Ciera at the end of the day. She is truly one of the most genuine, kind and dedicated friends I have ever had. She’s stuck with me through thick and thin and I can not appreciate her friendship more than I do at this day in age.

As most friends do, we’ve shared our ups and downs. And as time takes its toll, of course, we grew apart. However, we have always found our way back to each other and when we’re together, it feels like no time has passed since the last time I had seen her. She knows my deepest darkest secrets and if we ever stopped being friends – she could ruin my life with all the dirty details she knows. And that’s why I love her; because I can trust her with these tales and secrets.

I got told once “if you’ve been friends longer than 10 years, that friendship will last a lifetime” and I do not doubt that for a second!

Until next time,



One thought on “7. A Friend

  1. Aw friendships truly are precious life necessity and in a world where it is hard to trust and build strong ones, it is nice to have even just one person whom one shares that geunine connection with. I have three friends who are dear to me but I haven’t quite gotten to know them for 10 + years ( I have never been too good in the social department), but it’ll be interesting to see which ones will continue to grow or remain stagnant, etc.
    ~ Bree


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