Gratitude Challenge

theSix. City I live In

Toronto – That’s the city I live in.


I love this city. The sites, the sounds and the people… Usually. Some people are just flat out crazy. Stay clear of these people haha.

Toronto is easy to get around for sure. I don’t care what anyone says about the TTC and complaining it makes them late for work blah, blah blah… leave earlier…. But the TTC really does make it crazy easier to make it from the east end to the west end of the city. The bus routes and drivers are a little questionable, but I won’t complain because I’ve never had to blame the TTC for being late or mistreating me. Act like a civil human being and they won’t give you a hard time haha.

The sad thing about this city this year is all the flooding. Our island is almost (vt-algonquin-island-resident-010.jpg.size.custom.crop.1086x724.jpgbasically) underwater. The people who lived on the Toronto Island were evacuated due to safety concerns of high waters… The island was always such a nice place to visit at the beginning of the summer, so I’m pretty upset I won’t be able to get there this summer until later in the season.
Each time it rained I always said “Oh, when summer comes, everything will be pleasently in bloom!” and we got that, but we also got flooding… Some luck…

13220644_1715418572061531_4340155510203539234_o.jpgThis city also has a bunch of wonderful places and events to go to. One of my favourites is Sneaky Dee’s… Infamous for the hipseter/punk/grunge/nacho crowd (boy do they make nachos). Every Friday night they put on this event called Homesick. Music from the 2004-2011 punk days get jammed through the thick air of this place. The first time I had ever gone I chipped my front tooth and fell in love with the bar ever since. Cheap beer, amazing tunes, mosh pits, and a crowd of people just like you. You can never feel like you don’t fit in – one fo the most amazing feelings in the world!

Now… I’m no sushi eater, but I do enjoy myself all you can eat because you can get UNLIMITED RAMENS!, UNLIMITED GARLIC MUSHROOMS, UNLIMITED TEMPURA, UNLIMITED MISO SOUP, UNLIMITED EVERYTHING ELSE! Which I absolutely love. I loveSushi-Legend-3-featured-image-644x415 eating ramen, I think it’s so cute. I love using chopsticks and I love going on dates to Sushi Legend with my boyfriend because we just eat so much and enjoy each others presence. I love sitting across the table from him, watching him get food in his moustache and just giggling at him while I slurp noodles. I do recommend – check it out!

For my last place, I want to talk about a coffee shop. What kind of post would this be without me mentioning coffee in a city filled with cafes?
Along Kingston Road, by Birchcliff, there’s a cafe called the Birchcliff Coffee Bar. This is 20150111-590-TheBirchcliff5.jpgyour typical aesthetically pleasing, white birch, cottagey feeling cafe with new mums with their newborns doing brunches with their neighbours. If you go to this bar at the right time (maybe 8:30am on a Saturday) you’ll find the older crowd. Maybe two or three people sitting in the shop, but this is when it’s most quiet and you can go in and enjoy the atmosphere. Their coffee is so rich and delicious, cookies so fresh and their baristas are always so pleasent despite the fact they’re there earlier than the most of us.


For now that’s my date guide… Each one of these places I’ve gone on a date with my boyfriend to. Each date has been great too may I add. If you have any questions that I did not answer in this post, please feel free to shoot me an email. I’d love to hear from you!


Quick teaser for next week – You’ll get to know my best friend!

Until then,


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