Gratitude Challenge

5. Something Someone Gave Me

I must apologize for being late on this post… Becuase of this you’ll be treated with TWO posts this week. Welcome – sit back, relax, prep your coffee and let’s dive into this adventure!

I will admit trying to find something someone gave me that was precious enough to share was a little difficult. I would stand in my room caressing my chin thinking [I could talk about this… But I’ve mentioned so-and-so in a post before…. nnnggg… That too…] So it finally dawned on me to talk about something someone gave me that I have never really met before.

Now I know what you’re thinking “Meghan, how does that even work?” well let me tell you this – I work in radio promotions for two radio stations in Toronto. Part of this job entails me calling prize winners and letting them know they won a prize, confirIMG_20170130_140727m pick-up or even just hearing from listeners who picked up our AM signal way down south in Tennessee. Some of these people are very gracious and send me little souvenirs from where they are. Most common ones are post cards. On this post card —->
it says “Many thanks for the QSL! – Harri”. This card is from Finland, yes, FINLAND! This was the first ever post card I had received from a listener. When our receptionist gave me a call to let me know I had mail, this honestly put me through the roof. It was so exciting and made me realize how much I actually enjoy my job. It’s the little things like this that really make me cherish what I have here.


This image here is a letter (and chocolate) that a prize winner had sent me. She had never won a contest in her life before and this woman was so insanely thrilled that she won a pair of tickets to see a movie.  The note reads “Hi Meghan, Happy Friday! It was such a nice surprise to get your message, thanks so much for the call and for the movie passes. Have a great day and a wonderful weekend – Mary”
Her husband came in later that day to pick up the prize for you and hands me this envelope and says “Mary greatly appreciated this opportunity. Thank you!” and he walked out with their prize. It was so cute.

That’s all for now. Until TOMORROW!

– Meghan


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