Gratitude Challenge

Myself Plus 3. Family

Challenge number 3 is Family. The ones who will always be there through thick and thin!

I’m going to start with my brother, Trent. He’s not very outspoken, he hates being wrong, he’s hard headed but kind hearted. He always means well.
Trent is overall someone who is very dedicated and always looking forward to growing. 12991084_10154046933350320_1336066503490066621_n.jpgWhat makes him special to me? Well… All my life I was his player 2. In Super Mario World, Mario Kart, Kirby, fighting games and even during hide-and-seek we always allied. We definitely grew up with some hardships, but we overcame them when I was 15 and he was 17. We had a lot in common when it came to schooling. In high school we both studied the arts; we both were in musical theatre and drama. It was something we strived in.
Now in our early adulthood, we bond over beer and fun adventures. He’s married now too which is great. His wife is lovely; very happy to call her my sister-in-law.

Next up is my mama! And I like to embrace that I am exactly like her. Strong, independent, easily irritated, easy to get along with and trustworthy [even though we shouldn’t be]. I’ll be the first to admit, she has an extremely bad temper. When things do 11032419_10153396445590320_2498092379650652602_o.jpgnot go her way you better steer clear of her path or she is taking you down…
Despite her bad temper, she also is extremely organised and well put together. She knows what she’s going to do and how she’s going to do it before she’s even asked.
I think something funny is, a while ago I used to hate being told I was like my mom… I wanted to be a different human being, not a clone or a copy of my mother. When people told me I was like my mother it was always because of a stubborn comment I would make, or a remark my mother would say. I always thought that comment was a negative thing, but now when I get told that my comment back is “and is it a bad thing?” just like my mother. She taught me how to hold up walls and not let anyone knock them down. She taught me how to deal with girls who pick on you and how to deal with situations in my field of work… She’s just a wise women with years of knowledge. The perfect woman encyclopaedia if you will.
My mom kind of reminds me of a cat… Loves to lounge around in the sun, but is really fast when she has to be. She always helped me with school projects, always kept my room tidy, always made sure I followed the house rules [although I did not always comply] but out of anyone in my family, I think she was the most understanding. I look back now and my dad would melt into a puddle at the palm of my hands [I am a princess, you know] but she was always the one to yell and make a point. Although a lot of the time I used to think she didn’t understand… Looking back and analysing now, I think she was the only one who did but just wanted what was in my best interest. And that is what I most appreciate as an early adult.

Lastly, Poppa Chips.
Picture this, you’re strolling down the road and you see a traffic officer. He has a bit of a belly, coffee in the left hand, doughnut in the right, a couple crumbs on his mustache and a pair of sunglasses on… Typical traffic cop look. Yeah, that’s probably my father.
He’s the man who dropped me off at school in the mornings and watched me climb out of his car crying and watching him drive away. He’s the man I was excited to see when I finished school. He was the one who helped me with my spelling tests and any homework I couldn’t figure out. He’s the one who always bought me a small gift when we went on our Wal-Mart expeditions. He was the one who coached my 6th-grade soccer team and so much more… I could go for days about him, but he was always extremely proud of me and was always there to hold my hand when I needed it. 11953217_10152954428086012_1411631912791080077_n
If there’s something I miss about my dad it would be going out shopping with him each night. Monday, Wednesday and Friday’s are his days off from his second job and we used to go to the mall, Wal-Mart, discount stores or just about anywhere I wanted to. And the reasoning was just to spend some time and walk off our dinner haha.
My father is where I get my humble side from. He’s open to listening to what anyone has to say, he’s the first to offer a helping hand, he always wants to do what’s right and help anyone out that needs it.
One thing I like to tell my boyfriend is that he reminds me a lot of my father [okay, I know right now you’re cringing, but keep reading…] My father treats my mother like a queen. Though they may bicker from time-to-time, my father goes above and beyond for my mother. She wants a hot tub? He gets her a hot tub. She wants steaks for dinner? He gets her steaks… He also does this thing where he likes to surprise her with gifts, take her for dinners and really treat her like royalty. He is so genuine, kind and gentle towards her and that’s what my boyfriend is like with me. People say when you look for your partner in life, you look for someone similar to your parents [of course this isn’t everyone’s case] but in mine, this statement stands true!

I love my family, I hold them near and dear to my heart… Glad this was in the challenge… I’ve never written about my family like this before!

Until next week,

Meghan C


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