Gratitude Challenge

Coffee for 2. Significant Other

Welcome back – here is where you’ll read all about my boyfriend. It’s for the challenge, I swear… But I will never get tired of boasting about my boyfriend. By the way… We celebrated our one year on April 28. Go us!

Here’s how we met!
Friends of friends in all honesty. In high school, he hung out with a lot of the guys I went to school with [I think it’s insane we hadn’t crossed paths sooner.] So all through high school I knew who he was and he admitted he knew of me too, but still, nothing. Time flew by and I dated my fair share of weeds until one day last spring I was scrolling through Tinder without any confidence, getting Carpel Tunnel from the same repetitive movement and then I saw Frankie… I had seen him back in December and never really fulfilled anything because I was sort of involved with someone else, but this second time finding him really stuck with me. Snapchat-1277875374.jpg

During the second time, something really stood out to me about him, I still can’t pinpoint what it was. He was smooth, interesting and insanely cute so we arranged to meet up for the first time. So here’s the start to our first date – I was getting ready to go to a Paint Night with my girlfriends, and this particular Saturday my Frankie was free too, but earlier in the afternoon before I had to go to Paint Night.  Frankie met me at Tim Hortons [but first I got a coffee, OBVIOUSLY] and we went down to the Scarborough Bluffs. For those of you who don’t know what that is – it’s a huge beach/park in Scarborough at the very bottom of the Scarborough cliffs. Darling place it is.

And ever since sitting in his car with my iced coffee, standing in the parking lot of the Bluffs with a cigarette between my fingers and just talking to him about everything [at this moment I was super close to cancelling with my girlfriends because spending just the two/three hours we had was honestly so fun!] and until this VERY SECOND we have never stopped talking [we probably never will]

In case you wanted to know:
He’s tall, cuddly and very intimidating.
He walks with this confidence in his step. Like he knows where he’s going [but probably doesn’t, like me.]
He speaks to me in this soft tone of voice that is so welcoming.
He’s never made me feel afraid of anything and has always made me feel comfortable.
He spoils me – beyond belief. With all you can eat sushi, flowers, love, cuddles, giggles, jokes, chocolate, kisses… So much, which makes me so lucky to have him.
He sacrifices for me [and no I don’t mean like sacrificing goats…] He gives up ‘guy time’ to be with me, he includes me in all his family activities and he even sticks up for me when the guys at his work try and poke fun about “the wife“.


I love him and chances are I’ll probably marry him!

Coming up next week is ‘Family’.
Stay tuned,
Meghan C




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