Gratitude Challenge

16. Simple Things in Life

Watching a campfire crackle on a cool summer night,

When the chef makes your ramen just right.

The bitter sweet scent of coffee in the morning,

The colour of the sky when it’s a sailors warning.

The smell of old books sitting on a shelf,

Watching our favourite holiday movie, Elf.

Picking pumpkins from a patch,

That snapping sound when you strike a match.

The first wiff of his cologne,

Watching your dog dig a hole for her bone.

Finally popping that pesky pimple,

These are the things in life that are simple.


~ Meghan C



Gratitude Challenge

15. Things I Like About Summer

Since I started this challenge later in the year, I’m going to adjust the seasonal posts to the current season – that being said, it’s summer!

Summer is the time where I find I see most of my friends. Everyone looks more alive, cheery and ready to party. I look forward to the summer months becuase that means reconnecting with old friends over beer and nachos on a patio. It means spending calm evenings by the lake at my cottage while watching the sun go down. It means family BBQ’s at my parents house. It also means that when you leave the club you won’t need to grab your coat from the coat-check and you can just stumble out of there and get your poutine fix immediately.

I always get excited during May, [although I am an autumn girl] when you start to feel the air getting a little muggy and noticing the sun staying out longer. It’s a sign that shouts “GOOD TIMES ARE COMING AND THINGS WILL FEEL BETTER!” The winter blues have gone, spring has put all the plant life in bloom and everything just feels peachy.

The last couple of years I’ve found it hard to find time off from work to go up to my cottage. What I miss the most is coming home from the beach, having a quick shower and a snack and snuggling in the sun room with a book. You’ve put on moisturizer, comfy shorts and a tank and you can still feel the sting of the sun on your skin. Your hair still smells like lake water, but boy do you feel refreshed… Next thing you know it, you’re asleep on the back couch and you’ve missed dinner haha.

That’s what I miss most. The simplicity that summer once was…

Until next time,

Meghan C

Gratitude Challenge

14. A Talent You Have

The ability to perform… I suppose that’s a talent.

Ever since I was young I always got a thrill from having all eyes on me. All through high school I did musical theatre and dance. After high school I studied broadcasting and film because I liked telling stories and executing them through a entertaining medium and now I highland dance – which has probably been one of the best decisions of my life.

Coming out of college and starting my career I noticed I wasn’t getting much physical activity into my weekly schedule, so I thought of something I used to love that I wanted to start again and that was dancing. This time I wanted something a little more demanding and something unique. I dug down into my heritage and decided that doing highland dancing was the dance for me – and I was not wrong!


I purchased my first kilt in February 2016 – a Muted Blue Stewart. Since then it has become my favourite tartan – but all things must come to an end and my dance teacher turned it into a mini kilt after buying my first kilt outfit last spring. There’s something about putting on the hose, vest and kilt that just makes you feel so powerful. You walk out onto your dance space at a performance and all of a sudden people just stop and stare becuase they’re in awe of the outfit and the strength it takes to do these dances.

I really want to start competing, but I see videos of all these girls who are so talented in this form of dance that I feel like I can’t even compare. Though I know you need to have a hard head about these things and go at it with all your mite – that being said either this fall or next summer is for sure when I want to start competing. That means a whole lot of hard work and concentration to look forward to this fall/winter [and no breaking an ankle like I did last year.]

Until next time,

Meghan C

Coffee Blog

Sooth Your Office Environment

I love finding things that just light up my life – literally. Especially the ones that make your morning coffee THAT much more soothing…

A couple of months ago I got inspired to buy a diffuser. At first it was to help soften the air at my desk at work, I also had a cold at the time, but now it’s just a nice addition to my desk at work and it really helps relax me on those busy work days.

The one I decided to buy is the ArtNaturals Essential Oil Diffuser and Humidifier off of Amazon [thank god for same day shipping] and I also got a box of oils to go with it [click here] I adore this product… It’s bluetooth compatible, has a 7 colour LED light – pick your favourite and you can also set the time on it for how long it runs [I usually just leave mine on all day.]


The oil selection I ordered has a great selection of them. I’ll be the first to admit I don’t like ALL of the scents, but I enjoy having them handy in case my mood swings. The scents included are: rosemary, sweet orange, lemon grass, frankincense, tea tree, peppermint, eucalyptus and lavender.
Most days I gravitate more to eucalyptus or lavender but I really enjoy frankincense too [just most people in the office space around me don’t, sadly.]

In total, I spent around $60 for the oils and the diffuser and I am SO thrilled with it. One of my new favourite stores at the mall is Saje. They do essential oils, skin care,

body sprays and lotions – all kinds of natural wellness products and they have the most beautiful scents for a diffuser. I have yet to splurge on some of their products – but when the time comes I’ll definitely give an update.


Until then,

Meghan C

Gratitude Challenge

13. A Challenge You’ve Over Come

Life challenges are hard – I know that first hand… Through projects in high school, college, dance performances and even in my field of work. It’s hard when you’re under pressure; especially when you’re brain gets scattered and you’re not too sure how to resolve an issue.

The funny thing about challenges I’ve over come literally happened while I was in the middle of writing this post. I write all my posts while at work when I have down time and 3 things popped up that were time sensitive and demanding.

We have a home base for our company in Collingwood and every weekend we’re part of a farmers market. With that we need to set up a canopy with our company logos on them. We’ve had this canopy for two years and just this past weekend the leg broke on it… Being the quick thinker I have trained myself to be (also the obvious actions to take) I called the canopy company and was able to order our staff up north a new canopy frame for 80% less than what we had originally paid. Best part is – it arrives this Friday (when this post is live).

Our summer event cruiser’s sponsor wasn’t quite too impressed with the photos we had sent them [he said there wasn’t enough exposure of his brand in our photos] so Thursday we’re going to do an extra event and get some wonderful photos and give them extra exposure with added value just to make up for what we had missed!

A winner had won a prize and was coming to pick it up on the same day she won – turns out we had the wrong prize in our folder and I was able to quickly get in contact with our prize supplier and get the correct tickets in our prize bin before the winner came to claim her prize!

I’m going away to a cottage this Thursday evening and having all these things line up immediately in one day is really relieving and makes me feel 100% more comfortable about going on vacation – now to do live-promotion schedules for next week and I’m pretty much done my weekly to-do list [and today is Tuesday].

Needless to say –  my morning coffee really gave me an energy booster and the drive to succeed today. Thank you coffee!

Until next time,

Meghan C

Gratitude Challenge

12. Favourite Personality Trait

Forgive me for being late… This past weekend was a little intense and dramatic for myself and my family. I don’t want to speed into details but it was a bitter sweet weekend.

My favourite personality trait – that’s a tough one. Lots of people tell me that I’m genuine, sweet, trustworthy, hilarious and honest. I suppose those are all good personality traits to have but personally I like to take pride in the fact that I am bold and extremely brave.

A lot of people have fears which make them very unlikely to step out of their comfort zone. I’m one of those people who enjoys taking things to the next level, giving myself a challenge and helping myself grow. To do that you need to be able to push yourself to the limit to get what you want, to be bold in your actions and be brave when taking those actions. Being brave was what landed me my internship, it’s what landed me my job, it’s also what lead me to my boyfriend. I took chances I didn’t feel comfortable doing, but took the plunge without thinking about the negative consequences.

As it has been said – Fate loves the fearless.

Until next time,

Meghan C

Gratitude Challenge

11. Someone Who Inspires You

I remember sitting at home one day and seeing an old friend post a link to her blog. For the sake of not naming names, I’m going to call her Tracy.

Here’s a little background: Tracy went to the same high school as me for my first and second year. She was a bit of an outcast, not very popular but she was great company and was always there for you when things went bad.
She wasn’t in any of my classes but she was a friend of a friend that introduced me to her. At that time, I was brand new to the area and didn’t know anyone so I couldn’t be picky with who I hung out with.

Tracy had fallen into some hardships with our mutual friend and sadly not enough people were there for her at this hard time… Which really sucks because she was always the person to run to when someone was upset. She really had a way with words and calming people down.

Anyways, over the years we used to keep in touch via Facebook & MSN and I’d see all her status updates, photos and shared memories. Seemed she was doing great. She ended up dating a friends cousin and now their married, which is what brings me to this post. Tracy had started a blog about a year ago.
She stopped blogging (these things tend to happen) but then picked it up and shared it with her friends and family on this trusted social medium.
I checked it out and her blog talked about all sorts of different things; moving, feelings, hard times in the new area she was living in, hard times with mental illnesses… And when I realized that this girl who moved schools to get away from all the bad, this girl who married the love of her life, this girl who was loving and so genuine started a blog and was able to pick it back up [and have fun doing it too] made me feel like I wanted to do that as well… Which brings me here and now.

Tracy is my inspiration becuase she got through it all. Tracy is my inspiration becuase when her and I finally have a chance to sit down, I want to be able to tell her that watching her struggle and then seeing her pick herself up off the ground inspired me to write. I think that will make her smile.

“If plan A doesn’t work, there are still 25 more letters in the alphabet”



Keep your coffee warm;

Meghan C